Websters New International - Second Edition:
lec'a-no-man'cy : Divination by inspection of water in a basin.--- lec'a-no-man'cer, n --- lec'a-no-man'tic, adj.

The Oxford English Dictionary - Second Edition:
lecanomancy. dish, pan, pot + divination. Divination by the inspection of water in a basin.
1610 Healey St. Aug. Citie of God 294 Hydomancy..done.. in a basin of water, which is called Lecanomancie. 1613 Purchas Pilgrimage (1614) 366 They had also their Lecanomancie, which was observed in a Bason of Water, wherein certaine plates of golde and silver were put with jewels, marked with their jugling Characters. 1656 Blount Glossogr., Licanomancy. 1693 Urquhart's Rabelais III.xxv. 207 By Hydromancy, by Lecanomancy. 1783 T. Wilson Archaeol. Dict., Lecanomancy.
lecanomancer, lecanomantic - one who practises lecanomancy.

A Dictionary of Difficult Words - Robert H. Hill - 1969:
lecanomancy, n. divination by water in basin. -noscopy, n. staring at water in basin, as form of self-hypnotism.

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